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Sailing from Denia to Palma 17 May 2018

We moved on the boat on 1st of April 2018.

For six weeks we've been working and preparing the ship for the upcoming sailing trip to Greece.

The crew arrived on 14th May 2018. We did some provisioning check the boat and start preparing for the trip.

On 17th of May, we decided to leave the marina in Torrevieja and sail to Palma de Mallorca.

sailing catamaran

The worst way to start your sailing journey!

The wind was not in our favor, but we chose to motor up to Denia and from there to sail to Palma

The wind and the waves were against us, and we were beating for 8 hours, very uncomfortable but even worse was about to happen, near Altea one of our engines shut down.

The engines were brand new and just running for 10 hours.

Drifting around far away from the shore we are waiting for Altea marina to find us a spot and lucky us they had a place for a night (190 Euros). They called the guys from Yanmar, and after we secured the boat, they jumped on and started looking for the engine problem.

After a quick check from the Yanmar dealer, they made the painful discovery - algae in the fuel tanks.

We cleaned the filters and changed the fuel lines and the next day early in the morning we sail to Formentera only 74 NM from Altea.

On Formentera, of course, the things were not getting better.

Finally, we were out of the marina. We dropped anchor in a beautiful anchorage with crystal-clear water, amazing white long beach, and of course, the next bad thing was coming - broken windlass.

We had to move to the marina again and believe me Formentera is not cheap at all (185 euro for one night Low season)

Formentera is small but they, have good marine shops, and we could fix the broken windlass easily.

Two days later we sailed to Ibiza.

Party people everywhere and overpriced, full marina. It's not what you're looking for when you're liveaboard, so we explored, provisioned and sailed to Palma de Mallorca.

And again we got stuck in the marina for seven weeks.

We continued working on the boat and waited for a weather window to sail to Greece.

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