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Affordable adventures catamaran trips

Experience the ultimate sailing adventure in the Caribbean with Paradise Kite & Cruise.

Our ADVENTURES Sailing and KITESURF catamaran TRIPS are designed to provide a perfect blend of excitement and comfort.

We will ensure that every aspect of your journey is taken care of, catering to your every need. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking Caribbean scenery as you indulge in hands-on sailing experiences,

engaging in water activities(KITESURF and Wingfoil), and ample relaxation time.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create memories that will last

a lifetime -

book your trip with us today!

One-way and round trips.

November -April and June

Sailing Destination :

St Vincent and the Grenadines


Bequia; Mustique

Canouan ;Mayreau; Union Island

Tobago Cays 

Petit tabac & Petit Martinique

Grenada and Carriacau

Saline Island; Sandy Island 

St . Lucia 


Explore the stunning Grenadines archipelago with our unforgettable sailing trips!

Each island offers unique charm, from the vibrant coral reefs to the lush green landscapes. Discover the elegance of Mustique,

the tranquility of Bequia,

and the untouched beauty of Tobago Cays.

Sail through the turquoise waters surrounding Union Island and marvel at

the breathtaking vistas of Petit St. Vincent.

Join us as we embark on a journey through paradise, where every island beckons with its own allure. Experience the magic of the Grenadines with us and create memories to last a lifetime.

April and May sailing destination :

Antigua and Barbuda,

a true paradise of sun and sea,

offers breathtakingly beautiful white beaches and crystal-clear waters.

This Caribbean gem is renowned for its exceptional sailing conditions,

attracting sailors from all over the globe to events like Antigua Sailing Week.

With participants from 18 countries in this year's 54th sailing regatta, it truly becomes a melting pot of nations and classic sailing yachts.

While Antigua takes the spotlight, its lesser-known sister island, Barbuda, remains a hidden oasis.

Despite being adored by Princess Diana, Barbuda has managed to maintain its untouched charm without succumbing to excessive commercialization.

A visit to Antigua should be on everyone's travel bucket list, but we highly recommend setting aside a few extra days to explore the remote serenity of Barbuda.

In just 5 or 7 days, you can discover the most beautiful spots in Antigua and Barbuda.

Barbuda is a true paradise,

waiting to be explored with its abandoned forts, secret caves, pristine beaches, and a beautiful bird sanctuary surrounded by a vibrant lagoon.

The island is also a haven for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts, as many shipwrecks have turned into colorful coral reefs just a short swim away from the boat.

Discover a whole new world beneath the surface of the crystal-clear waters!

Barbuda and Antigua are kitesurf heaven !

Embarking on a catamaran sailing trip here is the perfect way to experience this incredible Caribbean paradise

—a worry-free holiday in the Caribbean.


Contact Rolf and Mariana directly at

  • we can have a video call and discuss the details and expectations of a *sailing*kitesurf *wingfoil vacation including pricing, scheduling, and special requests.


Visit us in Paradise

and see how

Perfect Sailing Vacations 


Catamaran trips can be.

Experience the ultimate adventure with Paradise Kite & Cruise!

Sail &Explore trips:

1 Nov 2024 -1 March 2025

Round-trip and one-way trips 

7 days -7 islands:

Grenada -Tobago Cays (Grenadines) -Grenada

St . Vincent- Bequia -Mustique -Tobago St.Vincent

Bequia -Canouan -Mayreau -Petit Martinique 

Petit Tabac -Tobago Cays 

Union Island - Mophion 

Grenada -Cariacou-

Tobago Cays -Sandy Island -Grenada 

Long trips 10/14  days


Martinique,St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada 

15 March 2025 - 15 May 2025

Antigua - Barbuda 

Jolly Harbor/English Harbor 

Green Island,Cades Reef,Bird Island,

Stingray reef

Coco point , Princess Diana Beach Pink beach 


Our sailing area stretches between Antigua and Grenada, offering multiple options for boarding and disembarking.

Antigua &Barbuda 

(March, April, May, June)

St.Vincent & Grenadines 

(November, January, February)

Grenada & Carriacou

St.Lucia & Martinique

Grenada -Grenadines -Grenada 

If you're looking for something truly unique with a personal touch, don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. We'll provide you with a customized itinerary, a sample menu, and reasonable and affordable prices for a worry-free holiday.

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