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The Crew

Booking with us offers a unique and personalized experience you won't find with larger companies.



  • Highly trained and experienced in yacht operations.

  • Polite, respectful, and dedicated to providing exceptional service.


  • Deep understanding of the yacht and its equipment.

  • Rolf the captain is a professional Boatbuilder and yacht surveyor.

  • Familiar with local waters, weather conditions, and navigation.

Safety First

  • Certified in first aid, CPR, 

  • RYA Professional Practices, and responsibilities PPE Certified, STCW 95 

  • and emergency procedures.

  • Prioritizes the safety and well-being of all guests on board.

Attentive and Discreet

  • Anticipates guests' needs without being intrusive.

  • Ensures privacy and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Hospitality Experts

  • Skilled in providing top-notch service, from gourmet meals to fine cocktails.

  • Creates a welcoming and luxurious environment.

Enthusiastic and Passionate

  • Loves the ocean and shares that passion with guests.

  • Engages guests with stories, knowledge, and enthusiasm about the sea.

The Dream Team

  • Ensures smooth and efficient operations at all times.


  • Capable of adjusting to changing conditions and guest preferences.

  • Flexible and resourceful in any situation.


  • Proficiency in multiple languages is a plus, enhancing guest communication.


  • Practices and promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Choose Paradise Kite & Cruise for an unforgettable journey with a crew that exemplifies these qualities, ensuring a safe, luxurious, and memorable experience.

Choose us for a personal touch, unparalleled expertise, and the satisfaction of supporting a dedicated family business. Let us inspire your next adventure on the water.

Crewed catamaran charter in the Caribbean

Captain Rolf and Chef Mariana have been a couple for 23 years.

Professional and dedicated crew with more than 20,000 Nm and ocean sailing experience.

When you set sail on Nova, we will combine sailing adventure with Luxury and make sure that your needs are met while on board. Relaxing or hungry for new adventures, above or below the water, we will keep you safe and entertained!

We will take you Sailing, Exploring, Diving, Supping, Hiking, Kitesurfing, and Wingfoiling to amazing Caribbean beautyspots.

We are professionals with 7 years of charter experience in the Med and the Caribbean,

dedicated to turn your Caribbean vacation into an unforgettable adventure, breathtaking sunsets,and the delight of gourmet cuisine.

Our trips include hands-on sailing experiences, watersport activities, and plenty of relaxation time, all while taking in the beautiful Caribbean scenery. Book your trip with us today and get ready to experience the vacation of a lifetime!

Rolf The captain ⚓ Nautical miles 20 000+

Atlantic crossing 

Captain Rolf is Dutch, a Fully certified captain, and with 30 years of boat experience( Professional yacht builder;)he will keep you safe throughout the entire journey

He has sailed throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic, North Sea and across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the Caribbean aboard Nova

He speaks -Dutch, English and German

He loves to share his passion for watersports with the guests


ICC certification, RYA Professional Practices, and responsibilities PPE Certified, STCW 95 

VHF, IKO instructor on water, PADI certification, 

Sports: Kitesurf, wing, windsurf, mountain bike, snowboard, wakeboard, fitness, SUP, freediving, and diving

crewed yacht charter -captain and hostess
catamaran Charter in the Grenadines


Co-captain/First Mate hostess and Chef 

⚓ Nautical miles 20 000+

Atlantic crossing 


Mariana is Dutch, was born in East Europe and in her 20s she moved to the Netherlands and fell in love with water sports and boating.

Mariana has always had a love for healthy food and has recently become gluten-free.

She is well-versed in food allergies and preferences

She is also trained in food safety and hygiene.

Mariana enjoys infusing healthy, fresh, local ingredients into fabulous international dishes learned from a life well-traveled and with a love of global cultures. Mariana has natural East European hospitality and loves creating special moments for each group of guests aboard.

Mariana is fluent in Dutch, English and Bulgarian


ICC certification RYA Professional Practices and responsibilities PPE Certified, STCW 95, VHF, IKO Head instructor, First aid, PADI certification

Sports: Kitesurf, mountain biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, fitness, yoga, SUP, freediving

Living this wonderful lifestyle to the fullest, surrounded by ocean beauty, charm, and adventure we love to share and inspire others.

The dynamic, active, and adventurous crew is always ready to take you on an adventure

Make new unforgettable memories and new friends.

All things end but memories last forever!

Join us and explore the Caribbean like never before!

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catamaran Nova Crewed yachtcharter
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