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Caribbean Catamaran Kitesurf trips!
Discover the Caribbean with Paradise Kite  & Cruise

**Unforgettable Experiences**

  • Sail, explore and kitesurf the Caribbean in style.

  • Create personalized trips just for you, blending relaxation and adventure.

**Our Expertise **

  • 7 years in the charter business ensures a special trip.

  • We can accommodate special wishes or requests.

**Sailing Area**

  • Covering the area between BVI and Grenada.

  • Flexible boarding and disembarking options.

**Personal Touch**

  • Customized itineraries.

  • Sample menus provided.

  • Reasonable and Affordable prices for a worry-free holiday.

Luxury and Comfortable Sailing - Privately owned

  • Catamaran Nova, is a luxury and fast sailing catamaran.

  • Visit the most idyllic locations in the Caribbean.


  • Kiteboarding, wing foiling, diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding.

  • Make the most out of your time on the turquoise waters.

**Relaxation and Fun**

  • Explore above and underwater worlds.

  • Enjoy the sun, cold cocktails, and stunning sunsets.

**Smooth Sailing**

  • Sailing during the day.

  • Short sails between islands.

  • Good night's sleep at calm anchorages.

  • Routes are planned according to the weather for a smooth holiday.

Contact us to start planning your perfect mix of relaxation and adventure!

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Windsurfing Team

Enjoy the Elements.





TRIPS  in the


Antigua &Babruda

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AVAILABILITY: Caribbean 2025

From 01.11 2024 to 15.03-2025 ANTIGUA & BARBUDA,BVI 

Catamaran Nova is available for 

kitesurf & wingfoil trips 

sail & explore trips

Different dates and short trips are available on request!

Caribbean kite and Wing foil trips:

- Our catamaran kitesurfing adventures in the Caribbean offer a personalized experience,

tailored to your preferences.
- Discover a world of exploration and relaxation as you embark on our tailor-made trips.
- Immerse yourself in paradise and create unforgettable memories as you sail away on our catamaran.
- Whether you're a beginner or an experienced kitesurfer, our trips cater to all levels of expertise.
- Enjoy worry-free travel with our trips, perfect for private groups and families.


Kitesurf Time -lessons and supervision :
With expert(crew) instructors(IKO) and equipment on board, we can accommodate beginners and intermediate riders

Riders of all levels can harness the power of the wind and glide across turquoise waters, experiencing the thrill of kitesurfing and wing foil

Perfect Wind Conditions:

The consistent trade winds that sweep across The Grenadines provide ideal conditions for kitesurfing year-round, ensuring exhilarating rides and thrilling jumps for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Variety of Spots:

From shallow lagoons and small waves, The Grenadines offer a diverse range of kitesurfing spots, catering to both beginners and experienced riders.

Stunning Scenery:

Imagine gliding across turquoise waters with lush, green islands as your backdrop – The Grenadines offer some of the most breathtaking scenery for kitesurfing in the Caribbean.

 Easy way to start from the back of the boat.

Tranquil Anchorages:

The Grenadines are dotted with secluded bays and tranquil anchorages, providing sailors with peaceful and picturesque settings to drop anchor and relax.

Island Hopping:

With over 30 islands and cays to explore, sailing in The Grenadines offers endless opportunities for island hopping and discovering new and exciting destinations each day.

Clear Waters:

The crystal-clear waters surrounding The Grenadines are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and spotting marine life, adding an extra dimension of enjoyment to your sailing adventure.

Other Activities:
we have a variety of other water-based activities: snorkeling, paddleboarding, and swimming in secluded coves and crystal-clear lagoons. For those seeking relaxation, ample opportunities exist to sunbathe on deck, soak in the panoramic views, or simply unwind with a refreshing cocktail.
Food & Culture:
Local specialties include fresh seafood, such as grilled lobster and conch ceviche, served alongside traditional dishes like rice and peas, fried plantains, and savory stews.

How to Book​ :

Contact Rolf and Mariana directly at
we can have a video call and discuss the details and expectations of a *sailing *kitesurf *wingfoil vacation including pricing, scheduling, and special requests.

We specialize in creating tailor-made trips for our guests.

We aim to provide a unique experience that combines relaxation and adventure.

For those seeking a more sportive adventure, we also offer kite and wingfoil catamaran trips.
Check out our Earlybirds and last-minute discounts

We are using the Charter Yacht Agreement  -take a look​​​


Can I join as a beginner kitesurfer?

The kitesurf cruise can be organized also for beginners - a maximum of 2 beginners per trip 

We can teach you Jumping, consistently riding upwind, and basic tricks. 

We will bring you where you are safely supervise your kite sessions and help you to improve your kitesurfing skills.

Kitesurf lessons for beginners include:

dinghy, BB talk radio set, and teachers -150 US for 1 hour. 

Beginners kitesurf lessons package 

From Zero to Hero apr .9 hours - 1000 US


Test and rent kitesurf gear! 

Rent is available for max 2 pers kite and wing, but not the same weight!
The weekly rent is 750 US

The day rent is 150 US
Sup with an extra drift stopper for beginner's wing lessons.


Gear we have on board :


Kites TEN kiteboarding /big air kites: 7m, 9m,10m, 12m,13m

Kites for kite foiling: Slingshot Ghost 8 and 10 and Gong 9

Kiteboards: Core Fusion 133 and 141 

Boardschmide - Full carbon custom-made boards 152 

Wing foiling :

Wings: Slingwing and Ensis score wings (4.2m, 5m, and 6 m) Gong Wing 5m 

Wingfoil boards: Gong 110 L and Stemax  Fly foil 95 L

Foilwings and mast :40 cm ,65cm, 75 cm  .Slingshot Hower glide 1500 and 2500  

SUPs: Slingshot 


When renting equipment from us -you take all responsibility for any damage /injury that may result from the use of the equipment/gear

You have to sign a liability waiver.


If there is no wind, what can we do?

On windless days, we will not sit still.

We can visit the local dive shop or rent a scooter and explore the islands.

We have plenty of different water sports toys, free of charge: SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards), snorkeling, and floating Party Islands...

We can organize land excursions to explore The grenades as well.

For Bookings and Inquiry: 

Charter Yacht Agreement 



Antigua and Barbuda we can provide a very flexible and unique Itinerary 

Highlights the top kitesurfing spots in Antigua and Barbuda, providing a mix of flat water and wave conditions suitable for all skill levels. Each spot offers unique natural beauty and excellent kitesurfing conditions



**Green Island**:

A pristine kitesurfing spot with steady trade winds and clear waters. It is perfect for kitesurfing and offers beautiful beaches for relaxation. The flat water conditions make it ideal for both beginners and experienced kitesurfers.


**North Sound**:

A kitesurfing paradise with flat waters and consistent winds. This area includes many small islands and sandbars, providing a variety of conditions and settings for kitesurfing. It’s an excellent spot for exploring and kiting in a serene environment.


**Maiden Island**:

Offers beautiful flat water conditions ideal for kitesurfing. This secluded spot is perfect for a day of kiting, beach relaxation, and paddleboarding. It’s known for its tranquility and pristine natural surroundings.


**Cades Reef**:

A protected marine area that is perfect for both kitesurfing and snorkeling. The reef provides vibrant underwater scenery and excellent wave conditions for kitesurfers. It’s a fantastic spot to combine water sports and marine exploration.


**Coco Point**:

Known for its pink sand beaches and secluded atmosphere, this spot offers ideal kitesurfing conditions with steady winds. It’s a beautiful location to explore the island and enjoy serene beach activities.


**Palmetto Point**:

This spot provides a mix of flat water and small waves, offering varied kitesurfing experiences. The area’s beaches and lagoons are perfect for kiting and exploration, with stunning natural scenery all around.


**Low Bay**:

Features long stretches of pink sand and steady winds, making it perfect for kitesurfing. It’s a great spot for beach activities and offers plenty of space for kiting. The area is also known for its peaceful environment and beautiful vistas.



.Each spot offers unique natural beauty and excellent kitesurfing conditions


Example KIte Cruise Itinerary

Day 1:

Norman Island

  • Arrive at Norman Island

  • Explore The Caves and enjoy snorkeling in crystal-clear waters

  • Evening anchorage in The Bight, a sheltered bay perfect for a relaxing first night

Day 2:

Peter Island

  • Sail to Peter Island

  • Morning hike on the island's beautiful trails

  • Afternoon kitesurfing session at White Bay

  • Dinner on board with stunning island views

Day 3:

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

  • Sail to Spanish Town

  • Visit The Baths, famous for its unique rock formations and tidal pools

  • Explore local shops and restaurants

  • Overnight stay in Spanish Town

Day 4:

Mountain Point

  • Sail to Mountain Point

  • Enjoy a full day of kitesurfing in ideal conditions

  • Snorkeling in the vibrant reefs

  • Evening BBQ on board

Day 5:

North Sound

  • Sail to North Sound, Virgin Gorda

  • Morning kitesurfing session at Mosquito Island

  • Visit Colquhoun Reef for flatwater kiting

  • Explore Necker Island in the afternoon

  • Dinner at a local restaurant in North Sound

Day 6:


  • Early sail to Anegada

  • Full day of kitesurfing on pristine beaches

  • Lobster dinner on the island

  • Overnight stay in Anegada

Day 7:

Jost Van Dyke & Sandy Spit

  • Sail to Jost Van Dyke

  • Visit the famous Soggy Dollar Bar for a Painkiller cocktail

  • Afternoon kitesurfing at Sandy Spit

  • Sunset sail back to Tortola

Day 8:


  • Return to Tortola

  • Disembarkation and departure


Example 7 days  Itinerary
Kite  & Wing Foil Trip 

Discover the Beauty of the Grenadines

Trade winds blow from the end of November to mid-June, steady at around 15/20 knots, daily.

Our trips are well-planned and organized, and we always try to sail downwind with our guests for optimal comfort.


Boarding starts at 12 Hours

This is an example itinerary!

We may change depending on the guest's wishes and needs!

Day 1

Arriving at the embarking port St . Vincent

Boarding, check-in, and sailing to the first kitesurf spot 

Sunset kitesurf session 

Dinner is on board.

The captain will welcome you with his homemade Caribbean Rum Punch.

Day 2:

After breakfast, we will have a morning kitesurf or wing foil session 

Lunch will be prepared on board.

We have the time to swim, sup in the crystal clear waters,

and enjoy the beautiful flat water spot on Frigate Island.

We can have a drink in one of the local beach bars in the evening.


Day 3

Time to set sail.

Short sailing to the next stop.

Salt Whistle Bay -Mayreau.

The first kitesurf session will be before lunch.

The local fishermen will provide us with the catch of the day

 This anchorage is perfect for having BBQ on board.


Day 4

After breakfast, we will do a short sail to one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean -the Tobago Cays Marine Park

We can swim with the turtles and go snorkeling on the shallow reef.


This is a real Paradise. Ideal for a swim, snorkeling, and relaxing.

This spot is perfect for kite or wing foil sessions as well.

Here is much to see above and underwater.

Island with iguanas, waters full of turtles, and a shallow reef with colorful fish.

At night we will visit the local BBQ and have a delicious lobster dinner on the beach in the traditional Caribbean atmosphere.


Day 5

In the morning, after breakfast, we will decide on the guest's wishes 

to set sail to a different spot or just stay an extra day in Paradise

Day 6

In the morning, after breakfast, we will sail to Union island 

The famous Happy Island is a man-made island of conch shells.

Sunset rum punch, music -The authentic unspoiled Caribbean.

The last dinner is ashore 

We can make a choice depending on the wind and sea conditions

The uninhabited Umbrella Island, Petit Martinique, or Chatham Bay 

Sunset drinks and stunning sunset view.


Day 7

We start the day sailing and move to our disembarking port.

St Vincent 

Departures - Disembarking 12.00H


You will board the catamaran on one of the St Vincent and Grenadines islands

We follow the best wind conditions, for smooth and comfortable sailing


For a dive or free dive trip, we will change the itinerary.

Trips starting from other islands will have different itineraries.


Kitesurf & Wingfoil 

 Sport trips

Kitesurf and Wing Foil in Paradise 

Catamaran kitesurf cruise - Luxury Sailing Adventure

Ideal for family and friends.

​A half-board option is also available.

Maximum of 6 people in 3 double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom.

one dinner is taken ashore - lobster BBQ 

daily snacks 

soft drinks



​Benefits - Discounts with our partners 

Early Bird Discounts​ and the last-minute deals!

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