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All EXPEDITIONS and services are for Members only. To become a member, contact us.

IMPORTANT INFO: in Greece passengers are required to complete a “passenger locator form” at least 48 hours before travel.

Please book accommodation 24 hours before you join us.

May also be required to take a COVID-19 test, and self-isolate if you receive a positive result.


All expeditions are Shared cost -covered from your member fee(basic, silver or gold)  Marina fees, Fuel expenses, Food, Water.No hidden cost.

kitesurf rescue service 

We have clean towels and bedsheets aboard.

Drone aerial footage pictures are included 

Making friends for life!

Beautiful sunsets

Not including the last meal, will be taken on land 

Not including meals and other expenses on land


What is aboard the boat? What to bring?

PLEASE BRING SOFT BAGS ON BOARD hard case suitcases are impossible to store away. 

We have clean towels and bedsheets aboard.

Bring your own beach towel.

Please bring enough sunscreen, flip-flops and good shoes.

Keep the high heels for when you are ashore.

How does a typical day look like?

After a healthy breakfast, we usually have a kite, sup, yoga or swimming morning session or sail to a new spot.

Lunch will be prepared on board to get your strength back.

After lunch, you can relax or go for another daily activity. 

Evenings are mostly spent in the nearby town. or just relaxing onboard

In the case of no wind, we explore the islands or we go swimming, snorkeling or supping.


How to come to the boat?

Flight options:

There is an airport in Athens, Paros, Naxos or Mykonos








By Ferryboat:

Departure from Athens - Piraeus/Rafina port  Daily connection to all islands.





From Athens airport to Piraeus port you have 3 options for transportation:

Public bus : X 95 and X 96 - 6 euro direct connection

Metro line -10 euro 1connection

Taxi - 50 - 70 euro

Need more information?

Contact us: +31 6 30888828 Whatsapp 

instagram or facebook

Where can I stay before or after the trip?

If your airplane lands in Athens you can explore the beautiful ancient city and visit the Acropolis or one of the many other archaeological sites. The city is a must-see!

In the morning of departures, you can go to the Piraeus port where the ferry brings you to one of the islands. We will be waiting for you.

After the trip, you can extend your holiday on one of the beautiful islands.

My plane arrives at one of the nearby airports, how to get to the boat?

Since we are on a sailing boat and we are depending on the weather and wind, we can be waiting for you on various islands.

The nearby airports are in Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, and Paros.

If you need to take the ferry we can give you more information so that you can come to us. Do not worry it is a comfortable short ride on a big ferry.

Can I join as a beginner kitesurfer?

Yes, absolutely.

We will bring you where you are safe and will supervise your kite sessions and help you to improve your kitesurfing skills.


I'm not a Kitesurfer. Can I join?

Yes, of course.

We have plenty of other activities on board such as swimming, snorkeling, wakeboarding, sup, yoga and if you'd like you can join us for introduction kitesurf session and maybe you will get the kitesurf virus too. 

Can I rent kitesurf gear?

Yes, you can, if you are an independent kiter, capable of consistent riding.

Of course, it can happen that the right size kite equipment is rented out, so we suggest checking the gear rental options and available kite gear when you are doing the reservation check out.

A well-fitting harness is personal so we suggest that you bring your own. A wetsuit is usually not needed, but if you want you can take your own.

• Renter is minimum an IKO level 3K certified kiteboarder (independent kiter) and can present a valid IKO card level 3K+, or the equivalent thereof, such as taking and passing a KGB Level 3 assessment lesson.

Week rent (Kite, kite bar, kiteboard)- 299 euro (Available on request )

Board only 35 euro 

Kite only  60 euro 

Kite +Board 80 euro

Kitesurf lessons 1 hour  70 /150 euro (Available on request by the local kitesurf school )

Wetsuit, kite harness, and vest are not available for rent!

Is there a kitesurf rescue?

Yes, we have always our own kitesurf rescue boat in the water nearby.


If there is no wind, what can we do?

On the windless days, we will not sit still.

We have plenty of different water sports toys that you can use free of charge: SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards), snorkeling and floating Party Islands...

We can organize excursions to explore the local greek atmosphere as well.

Do I need insurance aboard the catamaran?

We have insurance for the boat, crew, and passengers.

Personal Health and Travel insurance are not included.

We advise our guests to take good Medical care insurance covering extreme sport and, of course, the kitesurf gear insurance.

To participate, you must have valid accident insurance covering your kiteboarding activities and health insurance.

Membership 2020 

Basic Membership - €1499 per person in a shared cabin (shared cost, marina fees, fuel, food, kitesurf rescue, tips, and tricks.

Silver Membership - €1750 per person in a shared cabin (shared cost, marina fees, fuel, food, kitesurf rescue, tips, and tricks + Unlimited Kitesurf Gear 

Gold Membership - € 2500 per person in Prive double cabin and Unlimited Kitesurf Gear 

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