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Top 5 Greek kitesurf beaches

Greece offers some of the best kitesurf spots in Europe. With over 200 beautiful islands, it's a #real_paradise. .

Best times :May -September

The Meltemi wind blows in July and August, steady at around 20/25 knots, almost every day. In many places, like #Mykonos and #Paros kite beach, the wind is boosted to 30/35 knots by the venturi effect of the surrounding mountains. This makes it the #perfect_kitespot for our more advanced guests. Some kite spots in Greece rely on thermal wind that blows from mid May to September, resulting in a more #relaxing, #steadywind, perfect for beginners/intermediates.

#Kitebeaches in Greece are usually sandy with a sandy seabed. The Aegean sea is not wavy due to the many islands blocking the swell.

The best spots are :

Blue Lagoon: reachable only by boat flat water , steady wind and small sandy beach

#Antiparos North Lagoon: small beach, shallow water, and steady wind

#Puntabeach Paros: Long sandy beach , choppy to small waves

#Mykonos: small kite spot: Gusty winds( strong Venturi effect ) very crowded a bit too many rules from the local kiteschool

#Rinia Secret spot: reachable only by boat absolutely endless flatwater amazing scenery

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