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offers some of the best kitesurf spots in Europe. With over 200 beautiful islands, it's a real paradise.

Kitesurf conditions in Greece:

Best Times: May - September.

The Meltemi wind blows in July and August, steady at around 20/25 knots, almost every day.
In many places, like Mykonos and Paros kite beach, the wind is boosted to 30/35 knots by the venturi effect of the surrounding mountains. 
Some kite spots in Greece rely on the thermal wind that blows from mid-May to September, resulting in a more relaxing, steady wind, perfect for beginners/intermediates.

Kite beaches in Greece are usually sandy with a sandy seabed. The Aegean Sea is not wavy due to the many islands blocking the swell.

Example Itinerary

Boarding starts Saturday from 17 h in Naxos, Paros or Mykonos, depending on the strength and direction of the wind and the waves.
Day 1 - arriving in Paros 
Dinner on board and explore Parikia in the evening.
Day 2: Next morning after breakfast, we will set sail to the flat water spot in Antiparos 
We have the time to kite, swim, sup, and dive in the crystal clear waters. 
This anchorage is perfect to have bbq on board. 
Day 3 Punda Monday
After breakfast, we will do a short downwind sail to one of the most famous kitesurfing spots in Greece.
Probably one of the windiest kitesurfing beaches in Greece. In night we will visit the beautiful little town of Antiparos in the traditional Greek atmosphere.
Day 4 
Set sail to the uninhabited island and fantastic Blue lagoon kite spot.
The island is ideal for a little walk to the top where we can enjoy the breathtaking views
We will spend the night there.
Day 5 
In the morning, we have the time to kitesurf, and after lunch, we will sail to Naxos. 
Day 6 
We start the day with kitesurfing, and before dinner, we will sail to our Disembarking Marina In Naxos 
Naxos it's known for the ancient Apolon temple, the absolute must-see in the area
Day 7 
Departures Disembarking 9.00H
You will board the catamaran in Naxos, Paros or Mykonos, depending on the strength and direction of the wind and the waves.

This route can be reversed from Naxos to Paros.
We follow the best wind conditions. 

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